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Best Houseplants for Students

If you're heading off to college or university this September, taking a houseplant is a great way to ease the transition and brighten up any bland room in your student accommodation. Did you know that indoor plants can reduce stress levels? And that they can increase oxygen flow? Houseplants make small, cramped, shared spaces feel more like home, can alleviate anxiety, and add a splash of colour and life to what could otherwise be a sterile area.

Four Reasons to Take a Houseplant to University or College

  1. You might be surprised at how much a houseplant can be a conversation starter, especially if you have a particularly striking one. If you're feeling a bit shy, this can be a great way to break the ice.

  2. Having a houseplant, or several, in your room is also an incredible way to meet like-minded people. Plant parents flock together! You never know, it may even be the beginning of a fantastic new houseplant club at your uni!

  3. Did you know that many plants are easy to propagate from stem cuttings? This means you can make plant babies from your original plant, expand your collection and share them with your new friends. Succulent making party, here we come!

  4. Many houseplants are low-maintenance, so you get a beautiful and valuable addition to your room without too much effort. That's definitely a win-win!

How to Choose Your Student Room Houseplant

The first thing to consider is space. Most likely, space will be at a premium, so you want to choose small, potted plants that won't crowd you or your room-mate out of the room. Or, select one in a hanging pot or basket to maximise the limited space you do have available.

The other important aspect to consider is time, which again, you probably won't have much of between studies, activities, and having fun. Thankfully, there are many extremely low-maintenance plants to choose from so there’s something for everyone, whatever your style.

The Best Houseplants for Student Rooms

  • Cacti & Succulents – The ultimate in low-maintenance plants, cacti don't like being watered too often or fussed over. Sit them in a bright, sunny location, water when the soil is dry, and enjoy their wonderful and intriguing shapes and colours. We like a whole arrangement of succulents and cacti for the windowsill. There are so many to choose from that it never gets boring.

  • Parlour Palm – When you need some tropical vibes in your room, the Parlour Palm is a great choice. Not only does it look fabulous, but it's also great party décor. Parlour Palms are easy to care for and can tolerate a wide range of imperfect growing conditions. But if you can keep them in a bright spot out of direct sun, water when the top 3cms of the compost is dry and mist them occasionally, they will reward you with luscious tropical growth.

  • Ponytail Palm – Like a plant straight out of a cartoon, the Ponytail Palm is unusual, striking and fun and will add character to your student room. Ponytail Palms are easy to look after – treat them as you would a cactus or succulent and don’t overwater. They are happiest in a bright sunny location but can tolerate lower light and don’t need extra humidity.

  • Chinese Money Plant – This plant is on everyone’s wish-list at the moment and it’s easy to see why with its attractive round leaves and easy-going nature. Keep it in medium to bright indirect light and water well but allow to dry out in between. Chinese Money Plants produce lots of little off-shoots which can be removed and potted on to produce more plants for sharing around, hence it's other common name The Pass-It-On Plant!

  • Snake Plant – This plant grows upright with pointed tongue-shaped leaves. This makes it the perfect choice for a crowded study desk. Snake plants are one of the easiest to look after and so great for beginners. They grow in almost any light conditions and don’t need watering very often (water when the soil feels dry), in fact they thrive on neglect!

  • Calathea – these plants require a little more care and attention but will reward you with fabulous foliage and will certainly get you noticed. There are many different ones to choose from but generally the care routine is the same. Keep in a bright position but out of direct sun, water regularly but allow the top of the soil to dry between waterings. They love humidity so you need to mist them often.

  • Sweetheart Plant – With bright green heart-shaped leaves, what isn't to love about this extraordinary and unique houseplant? Easy to care for and can tolerate low light so could brighten up a dark corner. Sweetheart plants look great in a hanging planter, or you can train them up a moss pole, so they won't take up much of the limited room on your desk.

So, if you're heading off to University or College this September, don't forget a houseplant (or two, or five!). Your room will feel a hundred times more homely and relaxing with a houseplant gracing the space. After a long day of classes and studying, having a plant to come home to is a simple and wonderful joy.

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