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A terrarium is a mini garden created in a container so that it's growing conditions are controlled.  You can create open terrariums which are especially good for cacti and succulents, or closed terrariums which are better suited to plants that enjoy a humid environment.  

Closed terrariums develop their own eco-systems and once established, they should be self sustaining and very low maintenance.  Perfect for people who forget to water their houseplants!

The Garden Room is the only specialist terrarium supplier in Shropshire.  We sell a variety of ready-made terrariums but we are happy to create bespoke ones if you have a container that you would like planting up with plants of your choice.  If you're feeling creative and fancy having a go at building a terrarium yourself, we sell everything you need to get you started - suitable terrarium plants, terrarium compost and stones, extendable tools and even terrarium bottles.

If you want to find out how to make your own terrarium, we also hold terrarium workshops which are great fun for all ages, even if you don't have green fingers.  See our Terrarium Workshops page for more details.

For information on how to care for your terrarium, see our care page.

Various terrariums
Mini terrarium jars
Vintage stained glass terrarium
Carboy terrarium
Succulent terrarium
Upcycled planters
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